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National Bio Vet Laboratory

Primary Location
10830 South West 104 Street
Miami, FL 33176
Phone: 305-273-5788
Fax: 305-273-3339

Office Hours

Monday8 - 112 - 5
Tuesday8 - 11Closed
Wednesday8 - 112 - 5
Thursday8 - 11Closed
Friday8 - 112 - 5
SaturdayBy Appt.Closed
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Special Diagnostic Profile

Enteric Panel I, Stool culture comprehensive, Giardia Antigen, Crytosporidium Ag., Campycobactor Ag. (Fecal)
Test Code: 5026
Specimen: Fresh feces & 1 ml S

Enteric Panel II, Enteric Panel I plus ova & parasites
Test Code: 5027
Specimen: Fresh feces & 1 ml S

Fecal Digestion I, Fecal fat, Fecal starch, Fecal muscle fiber, and Fecal Trypsin
Test Code: 510
Specimen: Fresh feces

Fecal Digestion II, Fecal Digestion I plus ova & Parasites and Fecal occult blood
Test Code: 511
Specimen: Fresh feces

Fecal Panel Brief, Giardia Antigen, Cryptosporidium Ag., Clostridium dificile
Test Code: 512
Specimen: Fresh feces & 1 ml S

Fecal Panel Comprehensive, Fecal Panel Brief plus stool culture screen, ova & parasites
Test Code: 513
Specimen: Fresh feces

Feline Heartworm Combo, Heartworm Antigen, Heartworm Antibody
Test Code: T630
Specimen: 0.5 ml S or 0.5 EDTA blood

Feline Vaccine Check II, Panleukopenia IFA, Calici Virus IFA, F. Rhinotracheitis Virus
Test Code: 813
Specimen: 0.5 ml S

Globulin Panel, Total Protein, Albumin, globulin, A/G ratio
Test Code: 1410
Specimen: 0.5 ml S

LH/Progesterone K9 Panel, Progesterone, LH Canine
Test Code: 2625P
Specimen: 1 ml S

Maldigestion Panel, B12, Folate, TLI
Test Code: 150
Specimen: 1 ml S

Laboratory Results National Bio Vet Laboratory provides an online interface to its LIS. Online Forms Our patient forms are available online so they can be completed in the convenience of your own home or office.


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